We would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has supported, and participated in, the Peggy Sue’s All-American Cruise over the past 12 years.


It is with great sadness, and difficulty, that we inform you that Rich Williams has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. He will be taking chemotherapy for the next 6 months. Rich has been the cornerstone of this event and without his energy and leadership the Peggy Sue Board members, along with Rich and Peggy, have made the difficult decision to not continue the show.


We have had a great run, and made so many wonderful friends. We are all very proud to be able to say that through this event we have been able to give back to our community, and contribute to several charities for many years.


We hope that you will hold Rich and Peggy in your thoughts and prayers, along with the wonderful memories from our time together.


There will be a fundraiser car show as well as a Trust Fund set up in the near future to help with medical expenses. Please check back soon to get these dates and locations.


On behalf of Rich and Peggy Williams, and the Peggy Sue Board members, we say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.




                                                            KEEP ON CRUSIN



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